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Top 5 Running iPhone Apps

The best iPhone apps for runners with GPS tracking.

RunMeter GPS iPhone app.

Many non-runners believe that running is simply running. Well, it is; and it isn’t. Running is a fantastic way to work out your entire body, provides ample cardiovascular training, and also is a way to release stress and tension built up over the course of the day. However, there ways to making your simple run into something much more satisfying. Here are the Top 5 running iPhone apps that will have you creating a more fulfilling workout.

Top App #1: RunMeter GPS                                        Price: $4.99

At first glance, the RunMeter GPS iPhone app has many of the same features that are special for runners such as using GPS to track your distance, time, and speed; but it also has a variety of additional ones. These include:

  • A large font interface that allows for instant viewing
  • Networking feature that will allow the program to automatically email or update your Facebook or Twitter when you’ve completed your run
  • The ability to pause your run using an earphone button
  • Customizable voice alerts and workout rankings

Top App #2: RunKeeper Pro                                        Price: $9.99

RunKeeper Pro is an often raved about app that is well worth the price tag. The features that it includes are:

  • Real-time GPS tracking to monitor your runs
  • Simple interface that allows for displaying of distance, pace, calories, and time at a glance
  • Customize your workout using your iPod playlist or use one of the preloaded ones
  • Track your runs in a database form to compare your progress

Top App #3: Interval Run                                             Price: $1.99

Interval Run is a great app for beginner runners who would like to gain cardiovascular endurance, such as being able to run 5 km.  The intention behind Interval Run - C25K is to slowly integrate periods of running and walking through on screen prompts. There are also other programs within this app such as Gateway to 8K and One Hour Runner where intermediate and advanced runners can manual adjust their own intervals.

Top App #4: Fitnio                                                        Price: $4.99

Fitnio combines GPS tracking to calculate your distance, speed, pace, and calories burned with the option to have a cool-down function to keep you moving and injury free. It also gives you the ability to:

  • Create your own playlists and the ability to skip songs, if chosen
  • Provide an emergency contact so should anything happen to you while on your run, you can get help immediately

Top App #5: iMapMyRun+                                            Price: $4.99

iMapMyRun is a very easy to use app that spun off of the website, It addition to being able to track your speed, distance and route through your GPS, you also have the ability to immediately upload your workout online so that you can track it on your PC. In addition, it also provides:

  • Live tracking of friends (who have allowed you to doso)
  • Heart rate monitoring (used in conjunction with your heart rate monitor)
  • Social feed to Facebook and Twitter
  • Manual entry (for treadmill workouts or when you did not have your iPhone with you)




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