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TRX Suspension Training

Have you tried the revolutionary TRX Suspension system yet?

TRX Suspension Training.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the new TRX Suspension Training program that is taking strength and resistance training to a new level. It is a new method of using the body’s own weight using suspension cables to perform exercises that help increase strength, power, flexibility, and balance. The TRX Suspension system hooks either in a door way or to an overhead anchor and allows for over 300 different, full body exercises that will make you wonder how you ever worked out without it before.

The TRX Suspension system is not only an ingenious piece of equipment but it is also extremely versatile. You can move it from place to place, and it makes a great addition to a overnight or holiday stay at a hotel that doesn’t have the appropriate accommodations to keep you busy, you regular gym-goer you. And because each move that you perform engages your whole core, you will be working your entire body, providing metabolic conditioning, and reducing your risk of injury at the same time.

Any and all exercises when performed with the TRX trainer will feel completely different from the same exercise performed with a dumbbell, kettlebell, or on a machine. The reason behind this is because you are engaging your core with suspension training. It completely surpasses all other types of training that you have been doing before, and it is something that is very difficult to plateau with because the slightest angle change will provide enough stimuli to make the muscles unable to adapt.

You can perform virtually any exercise with the TRX, from one legged squats to rows to hamstring curls to suspended crunches. There are hundreds of combinations of exercises that you can perform and each one can be manipulated to add more or less resistance depending on your fitness level with a simple move of your foot (or hands). Finally, a piece of equipment has been introduced into mainstream fitness that can actually help you train each and every muscle of your body, without need anything else.

The TRX Suspension Systems retails at most fitness stores and online retailers for $189.99 plus shipping – and my opinion is that it is worth every penny.

TRX Suspension Training Pro Pack



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