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Working Out With Little or No Equipment


Jumps Squats are a good exercise to do when working out without weights.

Just because you don’t have the latest equipment at home or a membership at your local gym doesn’t mean that you have to let your health go down the drains. Being able to work out without any extra equipment apart from your body and possibly a mat and / or exercise ball takes a bit of creativity and planning but can be worth every penny (not spent!). And the best part is, when you exercise without the extra baggage, you can virtually exercise anywhere.

Teaching yourself how to  do these types of activities let you keep your money in your pocket; gives you the convenience of working out anytime, anywhere; and provides you with the opportunity to fully engage your entire body in each exercise. However, after two to three months of body weight exercises, you may need to increase the resistance of your workouts by adding free weights into your routines. By choosing dumbbells over machines, you will also help keep the cost of your workouts down.

Here are some examples of body weight exercises that can be performed both with and without extra resistance:

Push Ups – Push ups can be performed in a variety of ways, from the original straight leg and torso position to the modified “girl” push up on the knees, while changing the positioning of the hands from far apart to a diamond shape. Each push up can effectively work out a specific muscle head within the pectoral muscle group.

Jump squats -  The jump squat is a perfect exercise to do for both toning and strengthening of the quadriceps and hamstring muscles that doubles as a cardio exercise, keeping your heart rate elevated enough to burn fat.

Lunges – Due to its high adaptability, lunges can be performed either walking, front or backwards, on one leg or elevated on a bench. You can also add additional resistance by holding onto dumbbells or increasing the amount of reps that you perform. Lunges are a very easy and practical exercise that can take up about as much space as you have available – big or small.

Dips – All you need for a tricep dip is a curb, or chair that is elevated 6” off the ground. With this move, you can counterbalance the push ups to ensure that you are equally balancing each push exercise with a pull exercise.

Russian Twists – Russian twists are a great core and abdominal exercise that allows you to work out both the upper and lower abdominals as well as the obliques. Working all of the muscles equally will have the greatest outcome for weight loss as opposed to “spot” training techniques.




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