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Meal Based

The Dr. Siegal Cookie Diet is a meal plan comprised of consuming six cookies in combination with one meal per day. Dr. Siegal’s cookies are made with high fiber, high protein, low carbohydrate and a patented ingredient proved to suppress the appetite to ensure that clients adhere to the program.  more »
The Optifast Diet is a complete weight loss and lifestyle transformation based on meal supplementation. It is meant for persons with a BMI index of over 25 and those who are preparing for weight loss surgery. The Optifast program not only treats your weight issues, but also provides education and support to make sure you are able to meet your goals.  more »
Fat Loss 4 Idiots is a weight loss program designed to help lose weight by using a method called calorie shifting. This means varying your food intake on a daily basis to boost the body’s metabolism. The idea behind it is that your body becomes accustomed to a certain amount of calories per day based on your normal dietary habits and will regulate calories burned throughout the day based on this amount. When this amount changes day to day, your body becomes confused and starts burning fat faster.  more »
Background The Slim-Fast diet helps reduce your caloric intake by controlling your portions with the nutritionally balanced on-the-go shakes and bars from the Slim fast product line. In combination with the Slim fast products, you would be incorporating...  more »