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The Day Off Diet features one day per week to indulge in your favorite cheat foods – chocolate cake, cookies, pizza; you name it. Due to the constant pressure of eating clean, cravings can build up and cause you to binge which can lead to feelings of failure.  more »
Fitter U is a new way to look at traditional workouts. It is an audio program that can be loaded directly into your mp3 player that you play during your workouts to help provide you with motivation, encouragement, and to remind you to keep your form throughout all the exercises.  more »
Background: Dr. Oz is a medical doctor who has a hit talk show on television where he provides health advice for his viewers across North America. Dr. Oz doesn’t rely on Western medicinal practices but embraces alternative methods as well....  more »
Background: The Eating For Energy diet is based upon the principles of a raw food diet – eating only things that have not been cooked above 180 degrees Farenheit. The reason foods are eaten in this way is because they are believed to have be more...  more »
SparkPeople is a website that incorporates an online community with health and nutrition information to help with lifestyle changes to create a healthier life. Acting as a complete health site, SparkPeople helps individuals lose weight by providing all the necessary information about creating a healthy lifestyle.  more »
FitOrbit is a site that connects you online with a personal trainer that fits your lifestyle and which will help you to lose weight in the way that you as an individual need. Fitorbit will match you to a personal trainer who shares similar goals, work preferences, and even your lifestyle to make a great match that will help you lose weight in the shortest amount of time.  more »
Joy Bauer is the official diet expert for the Today show. She's been helping people lose weight for 20 years. And her new online program includes over 400 healthy recipes, weight-loss tools, daily advice and inspiration, and so much more.  more »
Fat Loss Revealed, written by Will Brink, is a complete weight loss program consistent with a trainer, nutrition expert, published author, and speaker. Fat Loss Revealed is not a one size fits all solution, but rather an extensive, educational guide to making fat loss work for you. Brink will provide you with the tools required to modify his program to fit your specific body and metabolic type to ensure you lose weight.  more »
Meet Denise Austin, fitness instructor guru who has compiled a complete lifestyle changing weight management program which is guaranteed to help you accomplish your goals in a reasonable time frame.  more »
Background The Zone, created by Dr. Barry Sears, has been around for years; however, some of the key principles have changed slightly with a new line of prepackaged food products called Molecular Baking Super Zone foods. The original Zone Diet comprised...  more »
Background Healthy Living with Ellie Krieger, registered dietician, host of Food Network’s Healthy Appetite, and author of popular Small Changes, Big Results and The Food Your Crave: Luscious Recipes for a Healthy Life has created an online weight...  more »
Background The Strip That Fat diet features a 95 page ebook which breaks down many common misconceptions regarding diet and weight loss. It is an elaborate book which is written in a very personable format and is easy to read. The program also comes with...  more »
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