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Suzanne Somers, famous for her role in “Three’s Company”, a sitcom from the 1970’s, created the Somersize weight loss plan through several diet books such as ‘Eat Great, Lose Weight’, ‘Get Skinny on Fabulous Food’, and ‘Eat, Cheat, and Melt the Fat Away’.  more »
FitOrbit is a site that connects you online with a personal trainer that fits your lifestyle and which will help you to lose weight in the way that you as an individual need. Fitorbit will match you to a personal trainer who shares similar goals, work preferences, and even your lifestyle to make a great match that will help you lose weight in the shortest amount of time.  more »
The Insanity: 60 Day Total Body Conditioning Program was created by personal trainer Shaun T. Using max interval training for nearly every part of your body, Shaun is able to completely change your physique and level of conditioning in only 60 days.  more »
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The Duke Diet originated from the Duke Diet & Fitness Center located at Duke University in North Carolina in 1969. Now, this program has been extended online to allow people from all over the country to follow the plan.  more »
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The Trim 360 diet program is essentially a meal delivery program used to lose weight through the use of a controlled and structured nutrition program. There are three different types of meal plan programs that are offered by Trim 360.  more »
Joy Bauer is the official diet expert for the Today show. She's been helping people lose weight for 20 years. And her new online program includes over 400 healthy recipes, weight-loss tools, daily advice and inspiration, and so much more.  more »
LA to Your Door is an extension of the widely popular LA Weight Loss Program. Originally, LA Weight Loss food products and supplements were only available at LA Weight Loss Centers making it hard for many people to purchase the products. With LA to Your Door, everyone across the country can order the products while following the diet plan to lose weight and get healthy.  more »
Burn The Fat, Feed the Muscle is undoubtedly one of the most purchased e-books in the weight loss field ever. Written by professional body builder Tom Venuto, Burn The Fat has all the basics plus more for healthy weight loss. This e-book is 341 pages, no easy read, but Tom is able to make you understand all the fundamentals of becoming a healthier individual.  more »
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The Montignac Method was the first ever diet that used the Glycemic Index to identify foods which should be eaten or avoided in order to lose weight. It was designed by Michel Montignac as a means to help people you were either pre-determined to be diabetic and for those looking to lose weight.  more »
The Dr. Siegal Cookie Diet is a meal plan comprised of consuming six cookies in combination with one meal per day. Dr. Siegal’s cookies are made with high fiber, high protein, low carbohydrate and a patented ingredient proved to suppress the appetite to ensure that clients adhere to the program.  more »
Freshology is a Southern California based company which prides itself on healthy, delicious, fresh foods. Their gourmet meals and snacks are never frozen and are prepared and delivered daily. Everything is prepared by Top Chefs and is created with the finest, high quality ingredients available.  more »
The Optifast Diet is a complete weight loss and lifestyle transformation based on meal supplementation. It is meant for persons with a BMI index of over 25 and those who are preparing for weight loss surgery. The Optifast program not only treats your weight issues, but also provides education and support to make sure you are able to meet your goals.  more »