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Based on the book “’Personality Based Diet” book by Dr. Robert Kushner, medical director of the Wellness Institute at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, is a comprehensive online resource to weight loss and diet which many free features including coaching, expert advice, an a-z reference guide to almost anything related to weight loss, community support, a workout builder and tracker, tons of recipes, how-to videos for lots of different exercises, an online store, dining out guides, product reviews, and more. There is an abundance of information on this site, and it can be a bit overwhelming at first glance.          


  • Dr. Kushner advocates a gradual and natural change to your lifestyle based on your personality traits
  • Free membership to Meal and Fitness Tracking, recipes, workout builder, tips and blogs, and community support
  • Professional advice from certified experts, nutritionist and dieticians
  • Free shipping to subscribers for supplements and products sold in online store
  • Over 1,000,000 members


  • Lots of advertising which can deter you from the real task at hand – weight loss
  • Too much information on the homepage which can overwhelm and confuse new members

Diet and Nutrition

The Personality Type Diet, which is designed to “root fears, feelings, and attitudes” to help understand and fix underlying issues which affect our abilities to lose weight and stay healthy, can help you understand how to get on the weight loss track. With the free membership, you have access to thousands of healthy recipes for a variety of ethnicities, or with the premium membership, the personalized eating plan tailored to suit your individual needs. All recipes come with a nutritional analysis to help you keep track of your food intake, with the help of your Nutrition Tracker.

Fitness & Exercise

There is an interactive Workout Builder function available to free membership, which you can personalize your own routine. You simply choose the area you would like to work out, the type of equipment you have available, and a list of exercises appear which you can pick from. This gives you complete control to customize your workouts depending on what you would like to accomplish, and you learn the correct form and technique with it. There are also Expert Playlists which are routines that have been put together already.

Conclusion is a great resource to have available when setting out on your weight loss journey. It is definitely a different approach to conventional weight loss by incorporating your lifestyle behaviors and emotional issues as a major factor in maintaining a weight loss program. This is a one of a kind program as you learn to manage your eating habits through a physiological counseling – essential for individuals who are emotional eaters and have issues with enforcing positive eating habits upon themselves.


As a member of, you have the option to have a free membership or a premium membership. Free membership provides access to everything on the site, less the personalized meal plans, expert fitness plan, personalized emotional coping strategies, online dietician support, and live weekly chats with weight loss experts. The costs for the premium membership are: standard one month at $39.90, three months at $64.80, six months at $85.65, and one year for $139.35.

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