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Diet-to-Go Review   [visit site]

Enjoy delicious low carb food without the hassle. Diet-to-Go cooks the food, you'll lose the weight.

Diet-to-Go Review  

The Diet-to-Go program features prepackaged meals in either a fresh or frozen delivery direct to your door every week. All of your calorie counting and portion control is taken care of for you based on your preference of dietary choice and goals you wish to accomplish. The available diet choices include a low fat diet in both 1,200 and 1,600 calorie options, low fat vegetarian in both 1,200 and 1,600 calorie options, low carbohydrate option with roughly 30 – 50 g of carbs per day, and the low fat diabetic option.
  •  Various diet choices, from the traditional low fat to low carbohydrate to vegetarian/lacto-ovo, and diabetic meal plans and meets individual dietary restrictions
  • Meets nutritional requirements in USDA approved kitchens
  • Varying choice in pricing structure to help meet budget restrictions of customers
  • Food meets standards of the American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, and American Diabetes Association
  • Gift certificates are available in nominations as low as $50
  • Provide free tasting demos to customers (available only in select areas)
  • For frozen purchases, fresh fruit and/or vegetables will need to be provided
  • Can become quite costly for weekly purchases of food
  • Fresh delivery option is only available in the Greater DC Metro, Virginia, Baltimore or Philadelphia/NJ metro areas, or San Francisco Bay area
Diet and Nutrition
The main premise of the Diets to Go meal plan is to provide the customer with fresh, tasty, pre-prepared meals with the added convenience of simply heating and eating. All meals come with appropriate condiments and side dishes to completely avoid going to the grocery store. There are several meal plan choices to help customers of all varying lifestyles to achieve weight loss and proper nutrition. Each plan can further be personalized to suit dietary and nutritional needs. This is the only reviewed plan to date which comes with endorsements for more than one health organization.       
Fitness & Exercise
There are no fitness workouts to which customers can follow on; however, there is a fitness blog in which a limited amount of exercises are outlined and detailed. There are also articles which delve into fitness and also into the motivational factor of weight loss in response to exercise.
Diet-to-Go is one of many prepackaged diet meal plan programs available right now. With all the competition, it still manages to rank highest in taste tests from customers and in customer service satisfaction from various review sites online. With such a diverse product tailored to suit the individual needs of all their customers, Diet to Go boasts a great value for its price.
There is a wide variety of meal choices which can suit almost any budget. Here is a breakdown of the Diet to Go programs.
                                           1,200 cal – 5 day  1,600 cal – 5 day  1,200 cal – 7 day  1,600 cal – 7 day
Traditional Low Fat                       $ 98.99                  $ 107.99                 $ 124.99                  $ 139.99
Low Fat Vegetarian                      $ 98.99                  $ 107.99                 $ 124.99                  $ 139.99
                                                          1,500 cal – 5 day  1,500 cal – 7 day
Low Carbohydrate                       $ 116.99                $ 149.99

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