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Dr. Oz’s 28 Day Vegan Challenge Review   [visit site]

Dr. Oz’s 28 Day Vegan Challenge Review  


Dr. Oz is a medical doctor who has a hit talk show on television where he provides health advice for his viewers across North America. Dr. Oz doesn’t rely on Western medicinal practices but embraces alternative methods as well. Currently, he is advocating the vegan diet as a diet controlled method to decrease cholesterol levels, improve your heart health while providing a positive message for helping sustain the environment.

The aim of this “challenge” is to refrain from eating any foods that originate from animal products, such as meat, eggs, dairy and cheeses. Some strict vegans also do not wear products that have any animal products in them including certain brands of makeup or leather clothing products.

This brief 28 day challenge can provide a window to drop some weight, however, the biggest reward will be the health benefits that a vegan diet awards people.


  •  Decrease your cholesterol levels by avoiding cholesterol containing food sources
  • Make an impact on the environment by not producing


  •  There is no exercise program to follow 

Diet and Nutrition:

The Dr. Oz 28 Day Challenge is broken up further into four week “challenges” which give you a specific goal to accomplish, forcing your eating habits to change.

Week 1 is the detoxing stage where you will become used to eating other sources of protein rather than animal sources. Adding more nuts, seeds and beans into your diet will help ensure that you are getting enough protein.

Week 2 encourages further eating changes by introducing fake meat or meat alternatives such as various soy protein mock meats, tofu and tempeh. These products are made from soy beans and are created to be substitutes to meats for dishes such as chilli, pasta sauces, burgers, sliced deli “meats”, and even mock chicken breasts.

Week 3 will help you to eliminate unhealthy vegan snacks from your diet to ensure that you are eating nutritious food. Choosing alternatives such as soy chips or nuts along with fresh fruit and vegetables are encouraged as your snack choices.

Week 4 allows you to either reintroduce lean cuts of meat back into your diet or continue on the vegan path. By applying concepts and healthy eating habits you have just made into your daily life, you will have more of a chance of remaining a clean eater than you would otherwise have had.

Fitness & Exercise:

There is no recommendation or plan provided for exercise.


The Dr. Oz’s 28 Day Vegan Challenge is a short term dietary aid aimed at cleansing the body of animal products. Once the initial cleanse has been completed, participants are welcomed to reintroduce these products in smaller quantities back into their diets.

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