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Duke Diet & Fitness Review   [visit site]

Duke Diet & Fitness Review  


The Duke Diet originated from the Duke Diet & Fitness Center located at Duke University in North Carolina in 1969. Now, this program has been extended online to allow people from all over the country to follow the plan.

The Duke Diet & Fitness Online program follows four different components that have been proven to force users to succeed at their weight loss efforts. These four components include a personalized dieting plan, personalized fitness routine, behavioral strategies for coping with the weight loss, and a panel of medical experts who are ready to help you succeed.


  • Online tools that include: personalized meal planner along with hundreds of recipes to choose from, shopping list tool, nutrition guides, behavioral assessments to encourage weight loss, customized fitness plan, exercise video libraries, weight trackers, food and fitness journals, food logs, calorie calculator, message boards, and 24 hour support from the online community
  • Team of medical experts that will help you on your weight loss journey including Elisabetta Politi, Nutrition Expert; Gerald Endress, Fitness Expert; Ruth Wolever, BBehavioral Health Expert; and Ronald Sha, MD, PhD and Howard Eisenson, MD, the Medical Experts.


  • As a completely online program, there isn’t always someone around to motivate you 

Diet and Nutrition:

Starting with a Duke Diet evaluation and based on your answers regarding your body and future goals, the Duke Diet program will customize a diet plan just for you. You will have all the recipes at your fingertips, 24 hours a day, to help keep you on track. Utilizing some of the online tools, such as the food logs, calorie calculators, and shopping list function, will provide you with the much needed support to finally realize your weight loss potential.

Fitness & Exercise:

Along with your personalized meal plan, you will receive a customizable fitness plan based on your answers from the evaluation. You will receive a workout plan that incorporates cardiovascular and resistance training for optimal health benefits. The exercises you are assigned can be done in a gym or in the comfort of your own home.


The Duke Diet is a relatively low priced diet program at $5.00 per week that will provide you with all the necessary tools and knowledge to help you to succeed with your weight loss goals. The Duke Diet was created and advocated for by medical experts of Duke University which has assisted in helping many people meet their goals.

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