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Eating for Energy Review   [visit site]

Eating for Energy Review  


The Eating For Energy diet is based upon the principles of a raw food diet – eating only things that have not been cooked above 180 degrees Farenheit. The reason foods are eaten in this way is because they are believed to have be more full of enzymes and disease preventing nutrients that work with your body to bring you to your highest nutritional potential.

Raw food is kept to its most natural chemical structure thus providing the ideal alkaline environment for health. It is believed that you are preserving the living force within your food source which will provide the most energy and nutritional gain.

The Eating for Energy diet boasts a decreased risk of developing serious health related problems, weight loss, and energy gains from eating in this manner on a daily basis.


  •  The Eating for Energy diet plan will ensure that you maintain a very high level of healthy eating standards
  • You will eat a variety of healthful foods providing you with an array of vitamins and minerals
  • Is a “green” diet plan


  •  It can take a lot of planning and an increased budget to maintain  for the long term

Diet and Nutrition:

As stated, the Eating for Energy plan is based around a raw food diet. That means nothing that you eat can be cooked over 180 degrees Farenheit and will consist mainly of vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, and sprouts. Because of the low fat and carbohydrate content naturally found in these products, you will begin losing fat almost immediately. You will also be eating more food than you are used to, simply because of the low calories and high water content. This means that you will not be hungry on the plan – one of the few causes for failing a diet.

Fitness & Exercise:

The Eating for Energy plan is mainly a nutritional program; however, it does spotlight a section that explains the importance of including exercise in your daily life. Learning the best types of food to eat before and after workouts is also very important to the overall program.


The Eating for Energy program is an exceptionally healthy diet – providing all the essential nutrients. However, because of the strictness of the diet, it may not be feasible for people to follow it on a long term basis. With that in mind, incorporating many of the guidelines for Eating for Energy into everyday eating habits can help keep you healthy and full of energy.

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