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The popular eDiets approach begins with a free personal profile, which based on your choices, you are suggested a few programs which will help you reach your goals. Some of the program choices include the Atkins diet, the Glycemic Index diet, and the South Beach Diet. There are over twenty two diets available at eDiets and you choose which one will most fit your lifestyle.


  • Various programs available to accommodate different lifestyles such as low sodium, low fat, low carbohydrates, diabetic, or high cholesterol diets
  • Online support system which allows you to continue being motivated even when you’re tempted with cravings at all hours of the day (or night)
  • Expert advice from certified professionals
  • Message boards for member communication
  • Access to recipes to teach yourself how to prepare quality food which you can utilize for the rest of your life
  • An eDiets online store where various supplements, vitamins, and fitness equipment are sold
  • Health News is a section of eDiets where educational articles are written by experts
  • A variety of quizzes and tools to apply your new found knowledge
  • Tons of testimonials from clients who have lost weight successfully on their programs
  • Database of exercise, weight loss, fitness, lifestyle and recipe videos


  • The eDiets Meal Delivery program apparently, based on online reviews, does not taste good
  • Based on online reviews, eDiets have a reputation for horrible customer service

Diet and Nutrition

Some of the plans featured at include: eDiets weight loss plan (with or without the meal deliveries), the Glycemic Impact diet, the Mediterranean meal plan, Bill Phillips’ Eating for Life plan, and the Slim Fast diet. Based on your likes and dislikes regarding your lifestyle, you will be given several options of plans to choose from which will help you accomplish your goals. The online meal plans coupled with the community support can provide you with an environment in which you can educate yourself and learn control your appetite and make healthy eating choices. Best of all, they take the guess work out of meal planning by doing all the mathematics for you, and providing you shopping lists to make it even easier.

Fitness & Exercise

Each meal plan comes with a free customizable fitness program with access to 3D demos and support from a trainer. There is no personal training based on your body type but access to various exercises which you can put together yourself.


eDiets wide range of eating plans are helping teach people how to eat properly and chose the best food for their bodies. Depending on the approach that you choose, you should be able to continue eating this way for the rest of your life to become not only just a healthier weight, but to have a healthier body.


You can subscribe for eDiets online for a low price of $4.49 per week. Even if you purchased a 12 week plan, you will be educating yourself and learning appropriate eating habits. If you are looking to purchase the eDiets Meal Delivery program, the cost is based $19.95 per day (times seven days) plus a $19.95 shipping cost.

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