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Fat Burning Furnace Review   [visit site]

Fat Burning Furnace Review  


Fat Burning Furnace is an e-book dedicated to high intensity resistance training. Written by Rob Poulos, this program has a very unusual approach to weight loss as he is very much against aerobic activities, such as running or cardio workouts. This main idea of Fat Burning Furnace is to increase your lean muscle mass to raise your RMR (resting metabolic rate) to continuously burn more calories throughout the day. He insists that his workout can continue to burn calories for up to 72 hours. 


  • High intensity resistance training while working the muscle to failure is proven to work as a means to build lean muscle tissue
  • Utilizes the three principles of intensity, frequency and volume, and progression – which will work when administered correctly
  • Develop your own workout based on exercises which work
  • Use either free weights, machines, or your own body weight to get results
  • Lower your resting heart rate without the strenuous repetitive movement of aerobic activity which is hard on your body
  • Minimal time investment for real results – 45 minutes per week
  • A program which can be sustained long term which will continue to provide results
  • At 161 pages, this book is not a terribly long read meaning you can put it into use quicker


  • Very recycled information for the nutrition aspect of the program

Diet and Nutrition

Fat Burning Furnace takes a combination of various other weight loss programs and combines them for optimal weight loss. Rob stresses the importance of eating the correct types of carbohydrates such as fruits, vegetables, and complex carbs, lean animal and plant proteins, heart healthy fats, and plenty of water. There is a bit of calorie shifting – the idea that you vary your caloric intake daily to keep your body burning as much calories as possible.

Fitness & Exercise

Fat Burning Furnace‘s exercise program incorporates compound and isolated exercises to achieve the physique of your dreams. The high intensity resistance training is what makes this program different from the rest. There is no emphasis on cardiovascular training – in fact, Rob clearly states that he is against aerobic activity as it wears down the body and joints with hard movements. The main premise of Fat Burning Furnace is that you will be working out more intensely than ever before for a shorter period of time less often than most other weight loss programs advocate.


Fat Burning Furnace is a completely different approach for most people – those who only can dedicate minimal time due to busy lifestyles and schedule constraints. In as little as 45 minutes per week, you can build lean muscle to help you burn an optimal amount of calories per day. The principles of the high intensity resistance training are proven to work with perseverance and hard work. This program is not suitable for someone looking for an easy way out. You must have the will power to follow the exercises as prescribed, but you will be able to get what you need accomplished in the shortest amount of time.


There are two programs: FBF Deluxe for $39.97 and FBF Ultimate for $69.97. For a limited time, the Ultimate program is being sold for $39.97.

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