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Fat Loss Revealed Review   [visit site]

A fat loss plan suitable for all fitness levels.

Fat Loss Revealed Review  


Fat Loss Revealed, written by Will Brink, is a complete weight loss program consistent with a trainer, nutrition expert, published author, and speaker. Fat Loss Revealed is not a one size fits all solution, but rather an extensive, educational guide to making fat loss work for you. Brink will provide you with the tools required to modify his program to fit your specific body and metabolic type to ensure you lose weight.  In addition to his diet and meal plans, this fabulous program contains workouts suitable for persons of all fitness levels. He also has a module to explain various supplements available on the market and which are useless and which have benefits that you can add to your diet and workouts.


  •  An extensive review on supplements available and what does and doesn’t work
  • With purchase, you have access to FLR members only area which contains access to trained FLR advisors, discussion forums, exercise videos and articles, premade diets, diet planner, meal planner, nutritional database, meal and calorie calculator, downloadable workout sheets, and more
  • Will Brinks is a renowned trainer and all of these techniques have worked for him in the past


  •  Long read and a lot of information to absorb

Diet and Nutrition

The Fat Loss Revealed program contains a standard diet, with premade meal plan lists to allow you to burn fat and gain lean muscle.  All of the foods in the plans will be common, everyday foods that you may already purchase when doing your weekly groceries. However, because not everyone is created equally, Will explains how to fine tune your diet to fit your lifestyle as well as your metabolism. This program also contains an advanced module in diet which allows for more complex techniques such as carbohydrate cycling, calorie cycling, re feeding, etc. Will also includes a topic on which supplements are actually beneficial to add to your routine.

Fitness & Exercise

Will’s Fat Loss Revealed program contains multiple workout programs from beginner to advanced which fuses cardiovascular work with strength training. The different workouts contain both gym based workouts as well as free weight and bodyweight workouts which can be done in your home. The members only area features videos to teach you proper form and technique so you can be assured you are performing the exercises correctly.  All of the workouts are suitable for both men and women of various ages and experience.


Fat Loss Revealed is a thoroughly researched and tested program which has been perfected by Will Brink and is guaranteed to work.  It is a well rounded program with all the necessary tools and information to change your body into lean and strong. With tons of bonus gifts, the Fat Loss Revealed program is economically priced to be competitive with other diet programs online.


The Fat Loss revealed, along with all the various tools available to the VIP members, and the following four bonus e-books: “What Have You Got To Lose” by Elissa Lowe, M.S., “Turbulence Training for Abs” by Craig Ballantyne CSCS, M.Sc., “Healthy Meals On The Go” by Vince Delmonte H.B.K, CPT, “Controversial Fat Loss Techniques” by Tom Venuto BSc, NSCA-CPT, for $39.95.

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