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Purchase an online personal trainer through FirOrbit.

FitOrbit Review  


FitOrbit is a site that connects you online with a personal trainer that fits your lifestyle and which will help you to lose weight in the way that you as an individual need. Fitorbit will match you to a personal trainer who shares similar goals, work preferences, and even your lifestyle to make a great match that will help you lose weight in the shortest amount of time.

To start, you fill out a short questionnaire which selects up to three different trainers and provides you with their credentials and areas of specialty so that you can make the final decision on who will ultimately work best with you.


  • You get to make a choice of who you want your trainer to be based on their credentials, trainer type, gender, and specialties
  • Offers you one-on-one support as opposed to a computer generated exercise program
  • Significantly less expensive than personal training session at your local gym or fitness center
  • Conveniently online so you can access your trainer at all times
  • Differently priced packages mean that you have the flexibility to enjoy a training package that will suit your particular budget


  • Because you have no live contact with your trainer, you don’t receive the same type of motivation as you might find in person
  • You become accountable for your results

Diet and Nutrition:

When you purchase one of FitOrbit’s training packages, you will receive a meal plan that will provide you healthy, nutritious food choices that fit your dietary requirements for weight loss while providing enough energy to maintain your workout schedule.

Fitness & Exercise:

The FitOrbit plan centers itself around its personal trainers. Your personal trainer will develop a fitness plan that fits your schedule, your preferences, and of course factors in your current level of fitness. Depending on the type of activities that you like, your trainer will be available via the Internet to help you lose weight, get healthy, and to achieve your goals.


Undoubtedly, FitOrbit has created a fantastic service – the use of a personal trainer through the internet where overhead costs can be kept to a minimum. FitOrbit provides in as little as $10 per week what one would get for over $800 at any other fitness facilities.  

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anonymous by C.Perez on 8/24/2013
How do I find a trainer who knows how to work with a paraplegic?

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