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Fitter U - iPod Weight Loss Workouts Review   [visit site]

Fitter U - iPod Weight Loss Workouts Review  


Fitter U is a new way to look at traditional workouts. It is an audio program that can be loaded directly into your mp3 player that you play during your workouts to help provide you with motivation, encouragement, and to remind you to keep your form throughout all the exercises.


  •  Fitter U costs significantly less than the cost of a personal trainer; in fact, it costs less that 2 training sessions with a trainer at your local gym
  • Each audio-based workout includes detailed pictures of how each exercise is supposed to be performed while the audio reminds you of your continuous form
  • With purchase of the Fitter U program, you also receive a success journal to track your workouts and give you an idea of your progress


  •  Without the actual help of a trainer at your side, you may not completely be doing each exercise correctly
  • Audio may not be motivating enough for some people
  • Must have a portable mp3 player in order to do this workout

Diet and Nutrition:

The Fitter U program includes nutritional tips and information to help you get your eating habits on the right track – towards weight loss. The basic principles of healthy eating are encouraged such as eating lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, consuming lean protein to aid in muscle development and enjoying whole grains for energy.

Fitness & Exercise:

The workouts in the Fitter U program include three specific phases of training which equal out to three 45 minute workouts per week for each month of training. Each phase typically lasts for one month. The very basic equipment that is required to perform each workout includes a stability ball, a few sets of varying dumbbells, a step bench and your favorite cardio machine, such as a treadmill.


Fitter U is a revolutionary kind of training program that many individuals who are looking to new and different ways to diversify their training may find a worthwhile purchase. Merging technology with fitness is becoming a hot trend lending an easily accessible hand to exercisers anywhere. The download costs $99 dollars and will last for three months before having to be repeated. This is a great value for someone who is serious about losing weight but needs some additional motivation.

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