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Freshology Review  

Freshology Review  


Freshology is a Southern California based company which prides itself on healthy, delicious, fresh foods. Their gourmet meals and snacks are never frozen and are prepared and delivered daily. Everything is prepared by Top Chefs and is created with the finest, high quality ingredients available. There are several different Freshology plans available – from weight loss, to convenience, to pre- and post- natal nutrition, and full family dining. Each meal plan comes fully customizable to provide an allowance to individual budget limitations and time constraints.                                                


  •  A wide variety of programs to suit your dietary needs
  • Each delivery provides all your daily nutritional requirements and requires no supplementing of any kind
  • Most programs daily plan consist of breakfast, lunch, dinner, one snack, and dessert
  • Containers and packaging are biodegradable and green
  • Testimonials from celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Michelle Branch
  • One of the only diet meal delivery programs that can cater to pregnant and nursing mothers


  • No fitness guide
  • Prolonged use of Freshology can become very costly and does not teach you how to prepare your own meals
  • Most of Freshology’s meal plans are only available for every day delivery in California; only the Get Slim program is available nationwide

Diet and Nutrition

Freshology features three distinct weight loss programs, Fresh Dining – gourmet meals with high customization available only in S. California, Fresh Lite – simpler, more traditional fare than Fresh Dining also only available in S. California, and Get Slim – multiple days of food in their first national program. There are also three nutritional programs aimed at providing convenience to a busy lifestyle, Fresh Mommy – their pre and post natal program designed for pregnant or nursing mothers, LifeStyle – a highly customizable program with convenience in mind, and the Whole Family – provides large, family size portions that are still healthy. Freshology is consistently rotating their meal choices so you do not get accustomed or sick of anything. All of the meals are calorie and portion controlled to provide you with the ease and convenience of not having to count or measure anything. Freshology even sends with your daily meals three bottles of purified water to ensure you are staying adequately hydrated throughout the day.

Fitness & Exercise

There is no fitness guide provided from Freshology; however, it is recommended to undergo a minimum of thirty minutes of activity from three to five days per week.


The Freshology meal plans cater to individuals who are looking for a luxury weight loss program or the no-hassle approach of healthy eating in a gourmet product. Freshology features cuisine such as Raspberry French Toast with Canadian Bacon and Fresh Fruit for breakfast or Pacific Snapper with Sauteed Spinach, Roasted Mushrooms & Citrus Aioli for dinner.  Easy and healthy foods delivered daily right to your door, who could ask for more?


The pricing for the different programs vary significantly and almost anyone can find something within their budget.         

-          Fresh Dining (standard) $52.95 per day, (premium) $67.95 per day

-          FreshLite – from $ 42.95 per day

-          Lifestyle - $24.95 for one meal, $12 for second, $10 for third, $8 for forth

-          Fresh Mommy - (standard) $52.95 per day, (premium) $67.95 per day

-          Whole Family - $28.95 per day, plus $$24.95 each additional person

-          Get Slim - $39.95 per day


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