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Gabriel Method Review   [visit site]

Change your life and discover your ideal weight.

Gabriel Method Review  


The Gabriel Method, created by Jon Gabriel, is a new and life changing way to weight loss through visualization. Gabriel weighed at one point over 400 pounds, and decided to change his life after an event which affected him deeply. As a student of biochemistry, he founded a completely revolutionary way of losing weight through using the body’s “own logic” to determine how thin you want to be. The Gabriel Method is endorsed by the American Holistic Medicine Association.    


  • A natural and holistic approach to losing weight
  • There is no calorie counting, dieting, or exercising required in this weight loss method
  • Promotes overcoming emotional barriers which are detrimental to your health
  • Encouragement to eating whole foods and avoiding processed goods
  • Is a long term weight loss and controlling method


  • No direct meal plans to help educate or change people slowly
  • Weight loss is gradual

Diet and Nutrition

Gabriel advocates that eating a diet of healthful and whole foods is essentially important in controlling your weight. There are a handful of recipes on the website which are helpful at learning what is acceptable to eat. Please note that there is no actually dieting in this program and no forbidden foods. When you “decide” you want to become thinner, your body will automatically stop craving unhealthy foods and become quicker at burning fat.  The logic behind this theory is that the body is forced to gain weight due to stress, lack of sleep, and non-nutritional foods. In essence, by eating healthy foods, you will stop your cravings and change the way your body metabolizes your food. The main focus of your clean eating is to balance the hormones insulin, which stabilizes blood sugar levels and stores glycogen in the muscles, and leptin, which regulates appetite and metabolism.

Fitness & Exercise

Although there is no direct fitness routine outlined within the Gabriel Method, Gabriel does advocate for an active lifestyle and recommends interval training as a means of aiding your weight loss program.


The Gabriel Method will be entirely different from any program you have ever tried with regards to weight loss. It is not something that is going to lead you to lose weight quickly. It is a holistic approach which works gradually and will take time to achieve the necessary fat burning potential to change your body. Jon Gabriel himself took nearly two and a half years to lose roughly 220 lbs but regardless of the time taken, it is a huge feat to lose weight in the triple digit range. The Gabriel Method book is a highly motivating and liberating read but quite a different approach than most people are used to. 


The price for the book, The Gabriel Method and the Mental Secrets – Evening Visualization CD are sold together for $39.95 plus shipping and handling. Gabriel also offers a 60 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. This price is directly in line with most of the other online weight loss programs.

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