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Holy Grail Body Transformation Review   [visit site]

Written by fitness competitor Tom Venuto, the Holy Grail Body Transformation program contains hard earned knowledge that isn't for those lacking willpower.

Holy Grail Body Transformation Review  


The Holy Grail Body Transformation program was written by Tom Venuto, professional bodybuilder since 1989. He has been both a fitness trainer, club manager and more recently a full time author, internet publisher and fat loss coach. He has written three published book about fat loss and muscle building and is considered an expert in the fitness industry.

The Holy Grail Body Transformation program incorporates the two major goals that people looking to get in shape desire: gaining more muscle and losing fat.


  • Provides the means to achieve two concurrent goals: losing fat and gaining muscle
  • Sections of the guide for easy reference


  •  A lot of information to absorb at one time

Diet and Nutrition:

One of the sections of the Holy Grail program is the nutritional section with outlines sample meal plans and provides a food database so that you have the necessary tools to make educated decisions about what kind of food you are eating. The nutritional section also offers calorie calculators so that you always know how much you are eating and when you can fit it into your day. The main concepts that are discussed are nutritional periodization, cyclical dieting, hormonal manipulation, energy balance, and nutrient partitioning.

Fitness & Exercise:

One of the sections of the HGBT curtails an entire, complete workout that you can follow. The purpose of the chosen exercises is to help you make lean gains of muscle, lose fat while looking and feeling stronger and more healthier.


In addition to the nutritional and physical aspects of the Holy Grail Body Transformation program, the book also contains lots of important information regarding goal making, ways to combat stress and reasoning behind the relationship of lack of sleep and weight gain. This complete no-nonsense program is sold for $49.97 and comes with the manual, audio MP3, carb-cycling meal plans, food database and workout routines.

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