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LA To Your Door Review   [visit site]

LA Weight Loss food and supplement products delivered straight to your door!

LA To Your Door Review  


LA to Your Door is an extension of the widely popular LA Weight Loss Program. Originally, LA Weight Loss food products and supplements were only available at LA Weight Loss Centers making it hard for many people to purchase the products. With LA to Your Door, everyone across the country can order the products while following the diet plan to lose weight and get healthy.


  • La to Your Door is a very structured eating plan
  • Each monthly purchase provides enough food products and guidance to shed weight quickly
  • Offers a way for people who don’t normally have access to a LA Weight Loss Center the ability to home deliver all your favorite food and supplements


  • Can obviously become costly over a long period of time
  • Does not provide a long term solution to weight loss

Diet and Nutrition

The LA Weight Loss plan consists of three tiers which will help you reach your goals faster and more effectively. Here is the breakdown of the plan:

  • The KickStart Plan featuring TakeOFF Juice is to be used during the first two days of your diet and then every 14 days after to maximize your results.
  • There are two types of menus, the Rapid Results Plan and the LA My Way Plan to choose from.
    • Rapid Results Plan: This is to be used until you reach your goal or lose the first 20 lbs – whatever happens first;
    • LA My Way Plan: Can be used to lose 20 lbs or as a means of transitioning from the Rapid Results Plan to a more regular eating structure.
  • From the two types of menus, you can choose the type of plan you need to follow from the LA Weight Loss program selection guide depending on the total amount of weight you need to lose within 6 different plans of caloric intakes.

Fitness & Exercise

The LA to Your Door weight loss plan doesn’t emphasize very significantly the importance of exercising to lose weight. It is incorporated as rule 10 from the 10 Rules for Rapid Weight Loss by recommending exercise at least three times per week but doesn’t go into very much detail about what exactly to do.


La to Your Door is a great structured way to lose weight effectively through the use of LA’s food products and supplements; however, the guide which accompanies the food products may not teach you the correct way to eat properly over the long run.

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