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The Montignac Method Review  

The Montignac Method Review  


The Montignac Method was the first ever diet that used the Glycemic Index to identify foods which should be eaten or avoided in order to lose weight. It was designed by Michel Montignac as a means to help people you were either pre-determined to be diabetic and for those looking to lose weight.

It changed the way people thought about weight loss – instead of limiting the amount of calories consumed, it introduced a new idea of eating a more balanced diet. The diet or rather, life style change, has been around for nearly 15 years and has proven its results over and over again.

The Glycemic Index is basically a system of index values designated to foods based on their immediate effect on blood glucose levels. Foods that contain processed, simple sugars usually have a higher index rating than complex carbohydrates and thus effect glucose levels differently. The Montignac Method advises to eat lower GI rated foods to keep the weight off.


  •  Weight loss has proven results
  • Not only aids in weight loss, but can help prevent diabetes and other health related medical problems such as heart disease
  • Allows plenty of choices for meals


  • Snacks should be restricted to very low GI rated foods
  • Fats and high GI carbohydrates should not be eaten together


Diet and Nutrition:

The Montignac Method is divided into two distinct phases.

Phase 1, the weight loss phase, restricts foods that have a GI index rating higher than 35. All others should not be eaten. Examples of foods that are acceptable include many leafy and cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cucumbers, cauliflower, and lean protein like chicken and beans.

Phase 2, the stabilization phase, is when you add back into your diet additional carbohydrates of varying GI ratings. At this point, your body will be able to better handle your choices and you will have learned how much of what to eat to control your glucose response.

Fitness & Exercise:

The Montignac Method does not have a specific exercise recommendations as it is strictly a dietary weight loss aid. 


This diet is a very straight forward diet that requires little but following the guidelines. There are various cookbooks and low GI diet books and they all fall under the same guidelines as the Montignac Method.

For a helpful Glycemic Index lookup, check out:


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