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Nutrisystem Review   [visit site]

The ideal diet program for people looking to lose weight through eating alone, without working out.

Nutrisystem Review  



The Nutrisystem program works by selling prepackaged meals and snacks in controlled portions. The meals are sold online and delivered straight to your home. Generally, the food is purchased for a four week period and includes your required macronutrients. You can also purchase “A La Carte” items, to either hold you over until your next shipment or as supplementation to your current diet. You are required to purchase additional fresh fruits and vegetables and dairy products such as skim milk and low fat yogurt to include in your diet which will help meet nutritional requirements and foster healthy eating habits.    


  • Food is conveniently prepackaged and allows for easy portability
  • You have the choice of choosing your own favourite meals or have them send you a “Member’s Favourites” package with a variety of different meals
  • No calorie counting – the plan follows a 1,200 – 1,500 calorie daily intake which has already been calculated for you and divided up into your meals and snacks
  • The nutrient ratio is set for 55% carbohydrates, 25% protein, and 20% fat which is optimal for revving your metabolism
  • There are different options for men, women, vegetarians, diabetics, and nursing mothers
  • You will lose weight on this program based on the overall  calorie reduction
  • Nutrisystem does not charge you for their membership
  • Offers over the phone counselling


  • Nutrisystem does not teach you eating habits for the long term – you are programmed to eat what you are provided but when you discontinue the program, it may be difficult to create your own meals and snacks
  • The foods are ladled with preservatives and sodium to allow longer shelf life
  • Nutrisystem food will never taste as good as fresh food
  • The nutritional quality of the food will never equal fresh food
  • Eventually, a plateau will be reached where restricting calories alone will not have the desired effect for further weight loss

Diet and Nutrition

As stated previously, Nutrisystem features prepackaged foods in controlled portions to achieve weight loss. You are put on a calorie restricted diet (and depending on your gender or food choices), your food intake is controlled. There is even a vegetarian and diabetic version of the program available which allows the audience to be significantly broader.  

Fitness & Exercise

As the Nutrisystem is only a weight loss plan designed around portion controlled eating, there is no direct exercise plan outlined. Any complete program should include exercise, not only for weight loss purposes but for better health.


The Nutrisystem program is ideal for people looking to lose weight through eating alone. It is the alternative to following a meal plan as everything is shipped directly to you and it’s simply a matter of microwaving your entrée and adding fresh fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. If you are looking for a long term approach to weight loss, this is ultimately not going to be what you are looking for. It is however, a great way to jump start your weight loss.

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