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Optifast Diet Review   [visit site]

Optifast Diet Review  


The Optifast Diet is a complete weight loss and lifestyle transformation based on meal supplementation. It is meant for persons with a BMI index of over 25 and those who are preparing for weight loss surgery. The Optifast program not only treats your weight issues, but also provides education and support to make sure you are able to meet your goals. All individuals will be monitored while on the Optifast program and will have access to various medical professionals, dieticians, doctors, and counselors.


  •  Optifast is proven to be effective in over 80 clinical studies and by more than one million people who have participated in the diet since 1974
  • To ensure your success, Optifast provides personal support and lifestyle education which includes: one-on-one counseling, small group sessions, peer support, education materials, and your customized activity plan
  • All Optifast products are calorie reduced but provide for all daily requirements of vitamins and minerals
  • No food choices and decisions; you must follow the Optifast diet using the supplemental shakes, bars, and soups
  • Positive psychological benefits from rapid weight loss, on average 2 – 4 pounds per week


  •  Depending on where you live, Optifast can become costly
  • Only available for individuals with large amounts of weight to lose and by doctor recommendation

Diet and Nutrition

To begin the Optifast diet, you must undergo a comprehensive medical examination. Based on your results, a personalized weight loss plan will be created with your individual goals. You will be thoroughly monitored throughout your program to assess any potential changes to your caloric levels as you lose weight. Optifast is an eighteen week program, with a predominately liquid-based diet for active weight loss for 12 weeks and a six week transition back to solid foods. During the active weight loss period, you will be consuming the meal replacements four times daily.

Fitness & Exercise

Each individual on the Optifast diet is created their own customizable exercise program based on their current fitness levels. It is a realistic component which will encourage a more active and healthy lifestyle.


The Optifast diet is meant for persons with a significant amount of weight to lose and should only be administered under the supervision of a physician. The health benefits attributed to the Optifast diet include increased energy and decreased health risks along with weight loss. This diet also gives individuals an opportunity to relearn food habits and behaviors during the supplementation phase. Optifast is a medically sound, low calorie, clinically proven to work program that will help you lose the excess weight in a safe environment. The long term support that the Optifast team provides, for months after your program has ended, is the secret to maintaining your weight loss and preventing any gains from happening. Truly a remarkable program with lots of validated studies behind it.


The Optifast program consists of the following steps, as which can cost up to $3,000.

  1. In-clinic medical examination and individualized weight loss plan
  2. Physical activity plan
  3. Meal replacement bars, soups, and shakes
  4. Counseling and follow up support

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