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Slim-Fast Review   [visit site]

Slim-Fast Review  


The Slim-Fast diet helps reduce your caloric intake by controlling your portions with the nutritionally balanced on-the-go shakes and bars from the Slim fast product line. In combination with the Slim fast products, you would be incorporating both lunch and dinner with freshly prepared vegetables, starches, and sources of lean protein. The Slimfast weight loss product line has been around for about twenty years and is a great source of supplementation to any weight loss plan.


  •  The bars and shakes are conveniently prepackaged and are easy to take while on the go
  • You are able to supplement any type of food into your program – you have the option of changing your meals everyday so you don’t get bored
  • Various types of Slimfast products to meet a variety of lifestyle choices such as Optima, High Protein, or Lower Carb
  • has a Slim-Fast Optima plan choice where low sugar content is addressed


  •  There seems to be a controversy in regards to the amount of sugar in the original Slimfast products and the potential for the after-sugar crash
  • The diet’s calorie level is around 1,000 – 1,200 calories which is extremely low and most men will not be able to follow the program
  • Persons undergoing a program of intense strength training will have to consume extra calories for energy

Diet and Nutrition

For breakfast, the Slim Fast program suggests either their bars or shakes for breakfast to start your day. Lunch consists of again either a shake or bar, but includes an addition of up to 200 calories. Examples of these types of additions include half of a turkey sandwich, a mini pizza, or a cup of fat free yogurt with a cup of fresh fruit. You are also able to replace the shakes/bars for a full 500 calorie meal divided up based on the plate. Half of your plate should be vegetables, one quarter of the plate should be a source of lean protein, and the remaining one quarter is a starch (preferably in the form of whole wheat).  The Slim Fast shakes and bars are said to contain essential vitamins and minerals and are nutritionally balanced.

Fitness & Exercise

When you register with and become a member of their community for free, you will gain access to be able to create your own customizable fitness routine using a database of over thirty exercises


The Slim Fast diet definitely has its benefits, mainly including the convenience of the prepackaged foods. The products have been fortified with vitamins and minerals to allow for a more overall nutritional content than other products on the market. The main goal of Slimfast is to restrict the portion of a meal, and with the prepackaged goods, portion sizes are completely controlled for you. These products are merely meant for supplementation into a healthy diet of controlled eating and moderate exercise.


There is no cost to join the Slim Fast network where you can connect with thousands of people like you. The actual cost comes in when purchasing the Slimfast products. These products can be purchased at most local drug stores or supermarkets.

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