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Sonoma Diet Review   [visit site]

Unique approach to conventional weight loss.

Sonoma Diet Review  


Created by Dr. Connie Gutterson, the Sonoma Diet is a weight loss approach based around Sonoma Valley, CA region and the Mediterranean diet theme, focusing on a diversity of healthful foods including olive oil, whole grains, lean meats, and fruits and vegetables. This isn’t a calorie counting program – it is very strictly based on portioning your plate with the correct amounts of specific types of foods and eating slowly. The Sonoma Diet works in three separate “waves” – which are phases where certain foods can be reintroduced to help promote safe and effective weight loss.


  • Membership includes a meal planner tool, printable shopping lists, a wide variety of recipes, and a food diary
  • Many food favorites are incorporated into the plan, ie. Cheese, wine, pasta.
  • There are three separate stages of the program aimed at eliminating refined and simple sugar cravings
  • Emphasis on variety and whole foods which is nutritionally sound concept
  • No counting calories – just fill your plate with a variety of foods based on a list of acceptable foods, chew slowly, and savor your food
  • This program effectively teaches individuals proper portion control


  • There is a lack of flexibility is terms of the calorie allowance provided – individuals who are undergoing a high-intensity exercise regime will find there is not enough calories to sustain them
  • Although the Sonoma Diet states it is not a low carbohydrate diet, vegetable portions are often limited due to the plate size restriction
  • Carb crashing is an often occurrence when following a low carbohydrate plan and the Sonoma diet does not provide any tools for dealing with this

Diet and Nutrition

The Sonoma Diet is a somewhat unique approach to conventional weight loss, through the use of portion control and the “Power Foods” which users are recommended to eat. These Power Foods include: almonds, bell peppers, blueberries, broccoli, grapes, olive oil, spinach, strawberries, tomatoes, and whole grains. The Sonoma Diet is broken down into three waves or phases. The first wave is the most restrictive and lasts for ten days. The intention is to recalibrate your body to healthy foods and to break bad eating habits. The second wave is the main section of the diet, where you will stay until you reach your target weight. In this wave, certain foods will be reintroduced and you will continue to learn the concept of savoring your food. The third wave focuses on maintenance, enjoying the Sonoma diet food choices as well as occasional indulgences. There are over 900 recipes provided on the site and meals are all prepared by you, to help satisfy your hunger.

Fitness & Exercise

There is no prescribed exercise routine, but one of the tools provided with membership is a Fitness Tracker diary.


The Sonoma Diet is simple, lifestyle change geared towards enjoying and savoring your food and exercising portion control. The unique approach of filling your plate and not having to count calories is a new and revolutionary way to weight loss. The drawback of this program, however is the lack of a fitness program which is essential to any weight loss program.


Membership to the Sonoma Diet program costs just $5 per week billed quarterly with a 5 week commitment.

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