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SparkPeople Review  

A different approach to weight loss.

SparkPeople Review  


SparkPeople is a website that incorporates an online community with health and nutrition information to help with lifestyle changes to create a healthier life. Acting as a complete health site, SparkPeople helps individuals lose weight by providing all the necessary information about creating a healthy lifestyle. SparkPeople offers tons of information about nutrition, fitness, motivation, wellness, as well as offering recipes and videos to help make your transition easier and less stressful.

SparkPeople does not provide a ‘one size fits all’ approach to diet; instead, it helps guide you through your own personalzed program by giving you information, group support and motivational support. This is all done online through the forums which will connect you to people who are going through the same changes as you are.


  •  Provides enough information to create a total body and lifestyle over haul including diet, exercise, and motivation
  • Offers support in diet, exercise, and motivation
  • Forums help provide additional support to users as well as the ability to connect to others going through the same things
  • Tools including calculators to determine BMI, BMR, and time frames to reach goals
  • Shared recipes behind thousands of users


  • SparkPeople does not tell you what to do to change your life; it merely provides the tools to allow educate users on what the body requires to be healthy and the theory behind caloric intake and energy expenditure
  • There are no prepared meals, pills, or plans to follow
  • The amount of information given at one time can be overwhelming

Diet and Nutrition:

The Nutrition aspect of SparkPeople provides members with a large amount of knowledge and tools including food nutritional look ups, food charts, calorie calculators, meal planners, dining out guides,  and conversion guides. As stated before, understanding nutrition and using the tools provided is the key behind SparkPeople’s success.

Fitness & Exercise:

The Fitness aspect of SparkPeople offers online tools such as workout generators, exercise demos and workout videos, calculator and assessment tools, guides, and quizzes in addition to all the articles featured to users. Again, all the tools are given to members and its up to them to faciliate their own lifestyle changes from there.


Originating as a simple goal setting site, SparkPeople has far succeeded its expectations by branching off to including weight loss and nutrition as part of its major plan of weight loss.  By helping individuals understand why they are overweight and how exercise will impact their caloric expenditure, the ground can be set for permanent weight loss.


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