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Strip that Fat Review   [visit site]

Strip that Fat Review  


The Strip That Fat diet features a 95 page ebook which breaks down many common misconceptions regarding diet and weight loss. It is an elaborate book which is written in a very personable format and is easy to read. The program also comes with a personalized diet generator, which based on your food preference will generate a two week meal plan.                                                       


  • Provides easy to understand terminology as to not overwhelm the reader
  • Advocates the “Eat more, lose more” idea
  • Get your own personalized meals generated based on your favorite foods from over 40,000 food combinations
  • Personalized shopping lists based on your meal plans
  • Receive answers to some of the most commonly asked questions such as foods to avoid, why conventional diets do not work, etc.


  • Very much like a lot of other diet and weight loss ebooks available and even more expensive for less information
  • No detailed fitness routine which is essential to any weight loss program

Diet and Nutrition

 Strip That Fat provides sound nutritional advice to help eliminate poor eating habits and change your lifestyle to help you burn the most amounts of calories per day while burning adipose fat tissue off your body for good. You are provided with an online meal generator where you can choose your favorite foods from several listed groups and will have a two week list created for you comprising of five meals per day. The Strip That Fat diet has several different phases depending on what you are looking to accomplish. The initial seven days helps blast fat and drop pounds quickly and easily, and then there are maintenance phases to help you continue to eat healthy and keep the weight off.

Fitness & Exercise

Strip That Fat does not have a specified workout routine but does expand on the importance of incorporating exercise into your weight loss plan.


The Strip That Fat program is primarily a diet and nutrition program and focuses on educating users on the importance of proper nutrition. Strip That Fat does not offer any new or cutting edge research on weight loss and is rather a compilation of already known facts put together in an easy-to-read ebook. Along with the Strip That Fat nutritional guide, you are given access to the online meal generator. You are able to choose foods you like and the generator will create your own customized two week meal plan with shopping list. The calories are counted for you to ensure you are able to stick with the program and to make it as easy as possible.


There are two programs which you can purchase: the Gold membership for $47 and the Platinum membership for $57. The Gold membership includes the Strip That Fat guide and online meal plan generator. The Platinum membership includes the same plus an additional ebook titled Calworries, Calorie Counting worksheet, and the Living Life recipe guide. Each membership comes with a 60 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

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