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Fat Loss Reviews

Fat Loss Revealed, written by Will Brink, is a complete weight loss program consistent with a trainer, nutrition expert, published author, and speaker. Fat Loss Revealed is not a one size fits all solution, but rather an extensive, educational guide to making fat loss work for you. Brink will provide you with the tools required to modify his program to fit your specific body and metabolic type to ensure you lose weight.  more »
Fat Loss 4 Idiots is a weight loss program designed to help lose weight by using a method called calorie shifting. This means varying your food intake on a daily basis to boost the body’s metabolism. The idea behind it is that your body becomes accustomed to a certain amount of calories per day based on your normal dietary habits and will regulate calories burned throughout the day based on this amount. When this amount changes day to day, your body becomes confused and starts burning fat faster.  more »
Background The Strip That Fat diet features a 95 page ebook which breaks down many common misconceptions regarding diet and weight loss. It is an elaborate book which is written in a very personable format and is easy to read. The program also comes with...  more »