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The Day Off Diet Review   [visit site]

Take one day off each week to enjoy the foods you like eating most.

The Day Off Diet Review  


The Day Off Diet features one day per week to indulge in your favorite cheat foods – chocolate cake, cookies, pizza; you name it. Due to the constant pressure of eating clean, cravings can build up and cause you to binge which can lead to feelings of failure. Eating on the Day Off Diet can alleviate some of the pressure by allowing one complete day of cheating. Apparently, having this day off will keep you satisfied and keep your cravings in check. For the remainder of the week, you will eat the recommended food until satisfied to boost your metabolism.


  • Having an indulgence day provides an incentive to remaining on the diet for the other six days of the week
  • Food is broken down into three color categories for easy meal selection
  • No counting calories, carbs or fat content
  • Eat until you are satisfied so you never go hungry
  • Keeps your metabolism boosted through the use of the day off by loading up the carbohydrates so your body does not go into starvation mode
  • Program is available for instant download and has several bonuses such as the “Day Off Diet Cookbook”


  •  Having one day off your diet can lead to temptation throughout the rest of the rest
  •  Overindulgence on the day off can throw your metabolism out of whack

Diet and Nutrition

The Day Off Diet plan works by categorizing food into colors. There are green, yellow, and red light foods. Green light foods are items such as fruits and vegetables are to be eaten until satisfied. All yellow light foods can be eaten in specified quantities, on certain days, and at certain times. Red light foods are what you save for your day off. The idea is that the green light foods turn off the “fat storing gene” and these foods will be what your diet primarily consists of. The green light foods will help boost your metabolism and keep your weight in check.

Fitness & Exercise

The Day Off Diet has a bonus when you purchase the diet guide called the Strength Training Program.  This program helps you build muscle in less time than you thought possible. With about thirty minutes of exercise per week, you can change everything you thought you knew about strength training. This program is completely optional and not required to lose weight with the Day Off Diet plan.


The Day Off Diet is a perfect alternative for people who have tried low carb dieting and it works for them, but cannot handle the intensity of their cravings. Providing one day off your traditional diet can curb cravings and allow you to maintain your social life. Everything is outlined in the Day Off Diet guide book to help you lose weight quickly and easily. This program is guaranteed to work as long as you follow the guidelines, even if you haven’t had great results in the past.


Day Off Diet is available for instant download for $37.67 and a 60 day money back guarantee. You will receive access to a member’s only online site, printable resources, and the following three bonus guides: The Day Off Diet Recipe Book, Optional Strength Training Program, and Lookin’ Good While Losin’ Weight guide.

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