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The Diet Solution Program Review   [visit site]

The Diet Solution Program Review  


The Diet Solution program was written by Isabel De Los Rios who is a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Holistic Nutrition Lifestyle Coach. The program was created in an effort to combat her own weight issues and impending medical conditions that ran so prominently in her family.

 The reason that The Diet Solution worked so well for Isabel is that it combined certain foods and ways of preparing them with specific timing to turn your body into fat burning mode.


  •  Specific food groups are not forbidden – you can continue to eat virtually whatever you want – simply in modification
  • Counting calories is not required
  • Program is consistent with a complete lifestyle change
  • Each program is individually customized to work with your metabolism


  •  There is not a lot of explanation as to why the method works

Diet and Nutrition:

The Diet Program follows a high protein, low carbohydrate, and high fat diet which apparently speed up weight loss. As previously stated, no foods are restricted; however, there are certain foods alternatives that are more encouraged to eat. For example, instead of bread, choose sprouted grain bread for a much healthier and natural alternative. Low glycemic vegetables are also very much recommended over their more starchy counterparts.

The method behind how your food is prepared in also over the utmost importance to this plan. Ideally, meals are prepared in the simplest and least fattening forms such as baking or broiling meats, steaming vegetables and avoiding pan frying at all times.

Fitness & Exercise:

While The Diet Solution does not outline a particular workout regime, it does recommend various eBooks that specialize in fat burning exercises.


The Diet Solution program is a very basic program designed to help push people to make educated decisions on what to put into their bodies. It is very straight forward, full of common sense and positive life changing habits that will actually force people to change their current lifestyles. It provides people with a way of actually understanding what they are doing wrong and how to rectify it so that instead of being told what to do – you understand why and can make these decisions on your own. The ebook is available for immediate download online and is priced competitively at $47 USD.

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