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The Ultimate Sex Diet Review   [visit site]

The Ultimate Sex Diet by Kerry McCloskey

The Ultimate Sex Diet Review  


Although this isn’t a new approach to weight loss, but it is a very appealing choice for both men and women alike. The premise behind the book cites regular sex as a great way to lose weight, and lots of it! Ideally, one should be having sex three to five times per week, and at least once on the weekends.  While Kerry is not an expert in diet or nutrition, she has opened a door to an often taboo subject in relation to weight loss. Some of the benefits of having regular sex include a healthy heart, boosted immune system, weight loss, and lower incidents of depression.                                                         


  • Create a healthy sex live with your partner
  • Lose weight
  • Various sexual exercises to tone up your body, build your relationship, and improve your state of being
  • A fun alternative to many current diet plans


  •  The author is not an expert in diet or nutrition

Diet and Nutrition

The diet portion of this diet is very basic. Kerry outlines simply eating until you are full by chewing slowly as if you were “making love” to your meal. Eating in a calm atmosphere will help you to focus solely on your meal so no eating in front of the television or on the go.  Your diet will be filled with fiber rich foods which are low fat. You are allowed to eat almost anything in moderation with the real limitation being pasta and bread. Obviously, you will be choosing whole grain options over refined white products, low or no fat dairy, sugar free desserts, lean protein, and an abundance of fruits and vegetables. Two food choices not normally permitted in low fat dieting, dark chocolate and wine, are readily recommended to help whet your appetite for exercise.

Fitness & Exercise

The Ultimate Sex Diet works by teaching you 29 different exercises which you incorporate into your lovemaking. These exercises or “sexercises” will tighten your muscles and help you shed pounds. And these moves aren’t just for women! Men are equally capable of utilizing the exercises to increase their muscle also. Increased heart rate, which is essentially cardiovascular activity, as well as endorphin release make sex into a pleasurable workout that you will want to do every day of the week.


Kerry has certainly come up with a winner when researching and writing the Ultimate Sex Diet. In addition to being in a comical, easy-to-read format, Kerry has brought a new approach to weight loss and your relationship. In an attempt to lose weight, Kerry herself has used this program and lost over 23 pounds which she was unable to do on other traditional weight loss programs. Gain control over your weight, strengthen your relationship with your partner, explore new ways to make love, and boost your body image with a workout you will look forward to again and again.


The Ultimate Sex Diet: The Super Sex Diet That Works book is available on for $11.50 plus applicable taxes and shipping.

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