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Trim360 Review   [visit site]

Customizable meal delivery diet plans tailored around you.

Trim360 Review  


The Trim360 diet program is essentially a meal delivery program used to lose weight through the use of a controlled and structured nutrition program. There are three different types of meal plan programs that are offered, and are accordingly priced.

All Trim360 programs require you to eat seven times per day, your three meals plus an A.M., P.M., and anytime snack. By keeping your meals small and portion controlled, your body will quickly adjust to the frequency and will speed up your metabolism as a result.

Along with your delivered meals, Trim 360 has a whole host of online features to help your weight loss journey be as simple as possible.  


  • A varied menu to ensure that you don’t get bored of your food
  • The ability to choose or customize a plan to fit your individual needs and budget
  • Easy to prepare food
  • Online tools that help you track your progress, set personal goals, reflect on your progress to help keep you motivated, calorie look up calculators, an online community where you can help encourage others while receiving encouragement, access recipes, and get to-date information on a variety of health and weight loss topics
  • Online sign up provides a free 30 day trial 


  • Expensive over the long term
  • Doesn’t teach you how to prepare portion controlled meals for yourself

Diet and Nutrition:

The Trim360 meal delivery program provides three alternatives for people looking to lose weight. The three programs feature: the standard seven meal day program, five meal day program and three meal day program for $12, $9, and $6 per day respectively. You are required to provide additional meals and snacks for the five and three meal budget days.

Some of the Trim360 food products include:

  • Bars such as:
    • Cinnamon Oatmeal Raisin Bars
    • ChocoMint Bars
    • Chocolate Bars
    • Creamy Cookie Bars
    • Butter Coffee Bars
    • Tangy Lemon Bars
    • Crispy Berry Yogurt Bars
  • Breakfast items that include:
    • Cinnamon Crunch Cereal
    • Vegetable Cheese Omelet
    • Hot Cakes
    • Chocolate Cream Pudding and Shake
    • Berry and Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie
  • Entrees such as:
    • Beefy Vegetable Pasta
    • Creamy Alfredo pasta
    • Vegetarian Joe
    • Vegetable Bean Soup
    • Spicy Cheese and Pasta
  • Snack items including:
    • Dark Chocolate Pudding
    • Toffee Crème Pudding
    • Pretzel bows
    • Golden Dijon Chips
    • CinnaCrunch and Chocolate Bites 

Fitness & Exercise:

Trim 360 doesn’t focus on providing any sort of fitness or exercise plan to its members; however, there are online tools that will help provide support to anyone who does incorporate fitness into their lives through the use of a fitness tracker.


The Trim360 program is strategically geared towards people looking to lose weight without having to think or plan everything out. By providing users with a complete meal plan including the food, along with dieting tools purposed designed to keep your motivation up, the Trim360 weight loss program will help you to reach your weight loss goals simpler and more quickly than one could probably do on their own.

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