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Weight Watchers Review   [visit site]

Widely recognized weight loss program made popular by its Weight Watchers POINTS system.

Weight Watchers Review  


The Weight Watchers weight loss program has been around for a very long time thus providing its credibility and effectiveness. It is based on a new and improved “PointsPlus” program which combines the latest nutritional science with Weight Watchers approach to weight loss. Each individual learns simple ways to make healthier choices using an easy to follow plan that has no required foods.


  • No food choices are prohibited – instead the focus is on healthy choices
  • Pride yourself by not eating less but eating smarter
  • Four way approach is based on behavior, support, exercise, and food to promote healthy weight loss
  • Support meetings are organized weekly and help provide motivation for members
  • Provides eTools which is a web-based information portal with tracking tools, access to support, and various exercises
  • Weight Watchers Online is a customized online weight loss plan that you follow step-by step completely online – manage your results at your own pace, on your own time.
  • Website provides lots of healthy recipes and meals
  • Highly regarded program which has been around for over 40 years


  • No exercise is required, but is encouraged

Diet and Nutrition

Weight Watchers is weight loss program with the main focus on changing eating habits to reflect healthy choices. All foods are still allowed in moderation and one must learn to control their cravings and eating behaviors. You are encouraged to choose foods such as lean meat, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, eggs and dairy to provide satiety. Also Weight Watchers Power Foods, like fruits and vegetables, help you stay fuller longer.

Fitness & Exercise

Weight Watchers Online also provides various exercise demos to teach you correct form and to help you put your own program together.  Exercise is encouraged, but not required on the Weight Watchers program.


Weight Watchers is one of the top selling weight loss programs available with options available for anyone based on their goals and availability. The Point system is a convenient way to track your daily intake of food, and to help one learn to choose foods which are healthier and more nutritious. One of the hardest aspects of losing weight is the mental capability to overcome your emotional cravings – and Weight Watchers helps change this by providing support meetings to continuously boost your motivation and drive to better your life. Meetings Members who purchase eTools and Weight Watchers Online subscribers have access to tools online 24/7 which is also a big selling point.


Weight Watchers Online costs $17.95 per month with a $29.95 sign up fee. 

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