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Your HCG Review   [visit site]

Your HCG Review  


The controversial weight loss supplement, hCG, which stands for human choriogonadotropin, is a hormone that is produced by women in the first few months of pregnancy and is supposedly used to help facilitate weight loss. It seems that clinically, the fat mobilization process that takes place during pregnancy is responsible for any weight loss that occurs. 

In particular, the hCG diet uses synthetic drops that is taken six times daily along with a severely reduced diet, around 500 calories per day, to optimal weight loss success. This lack of calories, however, could also be the reason why weight loss occurs.


  •  May promote weight loss without metabolizing muscle tissue


  • The weight that is lost during this diet is probably due to the lack of calories ingested rather than the hCG drops administered
  • Has serious side effects such as blood clots, depression, headaches, and even ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome
  • Is not a permanent solution to weight loss

Diet and Nutrition:

Those looking to lose weight generally take six drops under the tongue six times daily in conjunction with a very strict diet of no more than 500 calories per day. The food allowed consists of 100 grams of lean meat with one low-glycemic vegetable, one approved fruit, and one piece of Melba toast twice per day only.

The diet has three specific phases: day 1 and 2, when you first start taking the hCG drops, are called the “loading” days where you eat as much as you can of high fat content food. The aim is to load your body with fat to help curb the appetite for the next phases. Day 3 to 21 are considered the second phases where your calories drop down to 500 per day, which is where all the fat loss takes place. Then, the maintenance phase continues after the 21 days and is where you slowly reintroduce other vegetables and fruits back into your diet.

Fitness & Exercise:

Exercise is not specifically recommended during this diet, but may increase appetite – something that should be avoided.


Your HCG is a highly controversial method of losing weight through the use of oral drops of synthetic hormones. It results in quick weight loss that may be dangerous to most people.

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