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Zone Diet Review   [visit site]

Zone Diet Review  


The Zone, created by Dr. Barry Sears, has been around for years; however, some of the key principles have changed slightly with a new line of prepackaged food products called Molecular Baking Super Zone foods. The original Zone Diet comprised of eating 40% carbohydrates to 30% protein to 30% fat throughout all of five of your daily meals and snacks. While once forbidden, the Zone has created a line called Super Zone foods which include bagels, pasta, and cookies, that have less fat, less carbohydrates, and more protein to adhere to the 40-30-30 rule.                                                         


  •  The Zone Diet has a relatively low amount of saturated fats and a positive emphasis on fresh fruits and vegetables
  • The ratio of 40-30-30 allows the body to control the amount of insulin in the blood stream and can help prevent the onset of diabetes and heart disease
  • Monounsaturated fats such as olive oil and avocados are recommended which can help decrease bad cholesterol
  • The prepackages ‘Molecular Baked’ foods in the Super Zone line are packed with the right combination of carbohydrates, fat, and protein and are conveniently packaged
  • No foods are prohibited; rather, you would purchase the usual “guilt” foods from the which have been revamped and are actually good for you


  •  May be expensive to follow Super Zone diet completely
  • The Zone diet has been neither rejected nor endorsed by any medical or health review boards
  • Slightly complicated and scientific

Diet and Nutrition

The Zone Diet works on the principle that when the three macronutrients, carbohydrates, fats, and protein, are eaten in the specific ratio of 40-30-30, there is a hormonal response in the body which controls blood sugar levels and the release of insulin. Dr. Sear’s believes that through this, you are best able to control the metabolic function of the body. Through this regulation, you are able to burn excess body fat and keep it off. Essentially, the easiest way to eat “Zone” friendly is to fill 1/3 of your plate with lean protein, 2/3 of your plate with fruits and/or vegetables and a dash of heart healthy fats. provides access to almost 1,000 recipes which are Zone approved.

Fitness & Exercise

The Zone Diet program does not go into detail in regards to their fitness recommendations for weight loss but simply state that thirty minutes, six days per week is suffice to help reduce the “silent inflammation” present in the body which is induced by poor eating habits and leads to excess weight gain. There is a resource center on the website that provides articles which are fitness related but there are no prescribed workout plans to help users.


The Zone Diet is a great way to eat what you like, in balance with keeping your blood sugar levels stable and staving off your appetite. It is a proven method of weight loss as well as aiding in decreasing silent inflammation and toxic fat from your body. There are various clinical studies performed on this diet, which you can review at


It is free to register at to gain access to the meal planner, various online resources, and dining guide. Cost is accumulated through purchasing of the Zone products. Super Zone foods, such as bagels, cookies, pasta, and pizza, range from $12.50 - $25.00 per item which includes five servings.

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